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Red Oaks School

BLP - Building Learning Power
Introduction Why BLP? The Learning Muscles Characters and Language Well-Being

Characters and Language
Foundation KS1 Lower KS2 Upper KS2

Our whole school ethos is one of encouraging success and building aspirations.
All staff have high expectations of learners, believing that everyone has something to offer and the capability of rising to a challenge.
We reinforce this by encouraging learners to reflect on how and why a success, however small or large, has been achieved.

How can you achieve this ethos at home?
Learning focus in the classroom
Teachers specifically plan for learning in the classroom. They frequently talk about the learning process, and seize on real-life situations as prompts to discuss learning-power capacities. They "go with" the learning.

What can you do to stimulate learning at home?
Positive role models
Teachers and TAs model learning themselves. They share their own difficulties, frustrations and triumphs in learning. They admit they don’t know the answers to some of the questions asked of them and pursue new knowledge alongside their pupils. They display being a vulnerable learner. They model how to respond to others doing things well and how to use mistakes as a springboard for new learning.

How can you model being a learner at home?
Language for Learning
Language for learning is used in all classrooms, across the school. This helps everyone to talk about and understand learning to learn. Following our Family Learning Day on BLP you said that you would like to generate this learning power and reinforce learning to learn at home by using the same language with your children.

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