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Hearing Support Team
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Our Aims

Hearing Support TeamWelcome
Welcome to the Hearing Support Team web area. Within it you will find a wide range of information and resources dedicated to supporting the needs of deaf and hearing impaired children and young people. Whether you are a parent/carer, a Teacher, Teacher Assistant or Early Years practitioner this site will help you understand and advance your knowledge of how to support the children in your care.

The Team is constantly adding to the site in order to keep it up to date and relevant for your needs. We welcome any feedback you may have. If you have feedback, use the 'Contact us' button on the opening page.

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The Hearing Support Team

Why are we here?
We believe that hearing loss should not prevent children and young people from having the opportunity to find their unique talents and develop these to their full potential.
Hearing Support Team
Our mission is to be a partner with families and educational settings in raising attainment for all deaf children and young people by ensuring their learning journey meets no barriers to progress.

Who are we?
  • Six Advisory Teachers who have qualifications in teaching deaf children and many years experience of working with deaf children between us.
Who do we support?
  • All deaf children & young people who have access to hearing aids or cochlear Implants, their families and educational settings within the Borough of Swindon.
  • We also offer information and advice on hearing effectively for learning to all schools and educational settings


The Hearing Support Team is commissioned by the Local Authority (Swindon Borough Council) on a 3 year cycle and works under a Service Level Agreement made between the Local Authority and Red Oaks School.

We are subject to an annual review by the Local Authority at the end of every academic year. We may also be involved in any CQC/Ofsted Local Area Review of SEND services in Swindon.

We produce an annual report detailing provision, services delivered and outcomes.

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Hearing Support TeamHow is a referral made?
Most of our referrals come directly from audiology and ENT but Schools, Early Years settings, Professionals and Families in Swindon can contact us directly if they are concerned about a child and want to discuss how to make a referral.

click to downloadInitial Referral Form (pdf)
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All referrals must be accompanied by signed parental permission.

Once a child or young person has been referred to us we will spend time assessing and discussing their progress with parents, teachers, support workers and other professionals.
The Advisory Teacher of the Deaf will then agree an action plan for the school, which will cover:
  • The type and amount of input for school staff
  • Support (type and amount) for individual named children
  • Identified outcomes for each activity
  • Review and evaluation details
We use the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) Eligibility Framework to guide us in allocating support time to Children and Young People with hearing loss on our caseload. This criteria is used widely across the country to ensure that children and young people with similar needs receive the same level of support wherever they live.

How Do We Work
Hearing Support Team
We work to remove the barriers that being deaf can build.
We do this by:

1) Providing support to schools, families and other agencies and professionals for children with a hearing loss from 0-19 years.
In partnership with families we offer:
  • Support as soon as a hearing loss is diagnosed
  • Pre-school advice and parental guidance
  • Regular home visits to support the child's language and social development
  • Information and impartial advice on different communication approaches
  • Support for the extended family
  • Information so that parents can understand the implications of their child's hearing loss
  • Opportunities for families and children to meet deaf role models.
  • Assessment of the child's communication needs
  • Hearing Support TeamTo be a family's lead professional to support effective multi-agency working with agencies such as Speech and Language Therapy and the Educational Psychology Service
2) We work with Audiology, Ear Nose and Throat Departments and Cochlear Implant Centres to make sure individual children and young people have the best amplification and to give schools and families up to date information on hearing levels.

3) We contribute to school improvement by assisting schools in developing programmes to meet the educational needs of pupils with a hearing loss.

In order to support class teachers, pupils and school staff we:
  • Help to adapt teaching styles
  • Carry out direct teaching programmes related to specific language targets
  • Contribute to individual learning programmes
  • Provide whole school training for staff
  • Advise on access arrangements for examinations
  • Provide additional audiological equipment where appropriate
  • Assess language development and communication needs

Our contact details:
Tamara Turchet (Senior Advisory Teacher)
- Mobile: 07740 037338
Adrienne Lodge - Mobile: 07795 665536
Ian Sharp - Mobile: 07740 038025
Heather Campbell - Mobile: 07824 868411
Jo Coote - Mobile: 07769205259
Jill Nokes - Mobile: 07769205286