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Red Oaks Primary School
Staff: List 2023/24
Photo Album/ Video Staff List 2023/24

Acting Headteacher Mr James Lee
(Mrs Emily Maxfield is currently on Maternity leave)
Acting deputy/ Phase leader and Year 4 teacher Mandy Jacques
Assistant Head / SENDCo/Inclusion Manager Mrs Sara Smith
Complex Learning & Additional Needs Manager Miss Natalie Harvey
Foundation Phase Leader Mr Martyn Cowell
Years 1 & 2 Phase Leader Miss Stacey McGahey
Years 5 & 6 Phase Leader Mr Peter Newton
Pastoral Manager Mrs Becky Taylor
Sign Bilingual Manager Mrs Hannah Egerton
Miss Laura Brown Mrs Chelsey Hunter
Miss Grace Byrne Mrs Cecilia Johnston
Mr Daniel Carter Miss Kacey Manning
Mr Martyn Cowell Miss Stacey McGahey
Ms Sophie Duffin Mrs Emily Morgan
Mrs Natalie Elborn Mr Peter Newton
Miss Liberty Fullerton Mrs Jessica Prophet
Miss Teresa Griffiths (Maternity) Mrs Laina Storey
Miss Natalie Harvey Mrs Kathryn Tinson
Miss Estelle Hearn Mrs Mandy Jacques
Mrs Rachel Hogan Mrs Juliet Wright

Business Manager: Mrs Jackie Peterson
Clerical Officer: Mrs Jill Ponting
Admin & Admissions Officer/Traffic Control: Mrs Michele Tyler
Data Manager & Health & Safety Co-ordinator: Mrs Ellen Lango
Teaching Assistants:

Miss Niranjan Basappa

Miss Laurel Hunt

Mrs Dawn Beynon Mrs Maxine Janes
Mrs Carrie Broadhurst Miss Nicola Jones
Mrs Ionela Bucuresteanu Mrs Caroline Mason

Mrs Katy Butler

Miss Christine Middleton

Mrs Louise Calver

Miss Yulia Nazarenko
Miss Holly Durlacher Mrs Kate O’Donoghue
Mrs Karon Egerton Mrs Rhona Rigby
Mr Jamie Garbutt Miss Tegan Seaton
Miss Emily Hall Mrs Kim Smith
Mrs Karen Harris Mrs Mandi Sprosson
Mrs Bonnie Hawkins Mrs Anna Tomaszek
Mrs Valerie Hewes

Mrs Lindsey Vaughan-Lewis

Mrs Mel Hopkins-Staples Mrs Charlotte Warren
Miss Joanna Humphries Mrs Rachel Wilson
  Mrs Leah Webb
Nursery Assistant: Miss Louise Newton

CLAN Team:
Mrs Ella George Mrs Simona Mehra (Maternity) Miss Victoria Sykes
Mrs Jackie Hinton (CLAN and CSW) Mrs Carly Moore Mrs Donna Whittaker
Ms Maryla Kolodziej Mrs Kelly Newman

Ms Samantha McGill

Communication Support Workers / SBI Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Denise Di Pierro Miss Maisie Tyler Mrs Leah Webb
Deaf Support Workers:
Mrs Victoria Batterton (HLDSW) Mrs Sarah O’Donnell  
Mrs Dawn Beynon Mrs Karen Harris Mrs Jill Ponting

Mrs Julieanne Bird

Mrs Valerie Hewes Mrs Rhona Rigby

Mrs Rachel Boraston

Mrs Mel Hopkins-Staples Mrs Mandi Sprosson
Mrs Carrie Broadhurst Miss Laurel Hunt Mrs Anna Tomaszek
Mrs Katy Butler Ms Maxine Janes Mrs Michele Tyler (Supervisor)
Mr Jamie Garbutt Miss Christine Middleton Mrs Leah Webb
Miss Emily Hall Miss Yulia Nazarenko  
Breakfast Club Staff:
Miss Emily Hall Mrs Mandi Sprosson Miss Maisie Tyler
Acorns Staff:
Mrs Dawn Beynon Miss Christine Middleton  
Ms Maxine Janes Miss Louise Newton  

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Red Oaks Primary School, Redhouse Way, North Swindon Learning Campus, Swindon SN25 2AN
Tel: 01793 493920 Email:

Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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