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Red Oaks Primary School

Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools ‘School Mental Health Award’ - February 2023

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019

Enhanced Values Certificate - October 2022

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Music Mark - September 2022

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Education for Wellbeing - July 2020

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Healthy Schools - June 2020

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Red Oaks Primary School
National Online Safety - Certified School - June 2020

Red Oaks Primary School recognised for its commitment to helping pupils stay safe online
Red Oaks Primary School is now a National Online Safety Certified School

Red Oaks Primary School has successfully completed a comprehensive online safety training programme demonstrating its commitment to keeping children and young people safe online. The Red Oaks Primary School – has received a National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation for its whole school community approach to protecting children in the online world.

National Online Safety is a multi-award winning digital training provider with extensive resources in online safety, developed in line with the Department of Education’s statutory requirements. Its CPD accredited courses and educational resources support UK schools in educating the whole school community in online safety- including all school staff, senior leaders, teachers and parents - on how to make the internet a safer place for children.

James Southworth, co-founder at National Online Safety, said: "Congratulations to everyone at Red Oaks Primary School on becoming a National Online Safety Certified School. By completing our training programme, the school has shown its strong commitment to implementing an effective whole school approach to online safety."

Deputy Head teacher/Foundation Stage Manager

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Red Oaks Primary School
Eco-Schools: Eco Club - January 2020

A big well done to Eco club's continued efforts as we have received our Bronze Award!

We are continuing to work towards our Gold Award with lots of great ideas coming up soon

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Dyslexia Friendly certificate! Summer 2019

Here are the Red Oaks Learning Ambassadors receiving our 10 year Dyslexia Friendly certificate!
Dyslexia Friendly Schools Award
Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019

Really pleased to say that we achieved our enhanced Values-Based Education Quality Mark.

This is a wonderful reflection of the general school ethos and community. We aim to always be inclusive and we value the unique qualities of all our children and staff.

Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019
Values-Based Education Quality Mark - May 2019

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Artsmark Gold: July 2018

Your Statement of Commitment and Case Study have been reviewed by our assessment panel and we are delighted to inform you that Red Oaks Primary School has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. Congratulations!

"You are doing wonderful things, empowering pupils through your Artsmark panel, engaging parents through Arts homework, using the Arts to foster creative approaches to learning across the curriculum, developing CPD within and beyond the school and evolving strong systems for evaluation and planning. It is indeed a testament to the school's inclusivity that a deaf pupil was able to take a lead role in an Oscar winning film. Your case study sets out admirable ways forward, with succession planning for Arts staff, training of support staff and continuing development of digital media, including your pupil-led initiative to make their own 'How to...' videos for teachers. The world needs more schools like yours and your plans should include ways in which, over time, you can advocate further for the arts and develop curriculum design in a wide range of settings beyond the school, no doubt with pupils leading the way"

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!

Miss Hancock took 2 children to Bath last Wednesday to receive our ArtsMark Gold award
Mode Shift Stars
OFSTED: November 2017

'Red Oaks Primary School continues to be good.'

Children are firmly at the heart of the school's work. This was clear from our discussions with pupils as well as from our evaluations of your plans for further developments.

A clear strength of the school is its learning environment. This is vibrant, creative and engaging.

A visual celebration of pupils' achievement instils in them a sense of pride and motivates them in further learning.

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ModeShift STARS Bronze award: 2015- Present
Mode Shift Stars
Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme and it has recognised that Red Oaks has demonstrated an excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.
We’ve had a huge success with:
  • Pupil Travel Ambassadors
  • Travel Census
  • The Big Pedal
  • Giant Walk
  • 5 Minute Walk Zone Maps (5MWZ)
  • Parents evening stalls
  • Year 6 Bikeability
  • And many more.
Download our walking map
Mode Shift Stars
Mode Shift Stars

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Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

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