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Red Oaks Primary School
Contact the school

Red Oaks Primary School
Redhouse Way
North Swindon Learning Campus
Swindon, SN25 2AN
Phone 01793 493920

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Contact the admin team if you have a general query
Mrs Jackie Peterson - Business Manager and Admin Team Manager
Mrs Jill Ponting, Mrs Michele Tyler, Mrs Ellen Lango

Deputy Head - Mr Lee -
Foundation Stage Leader - Mr Cowell -
Year 1-2 Phase leader: Miss McGahey
Year 3-4 Phase leader: Miss Jacques
Year 5-6 Phase leader: Mr Newton
SENCO - Mrs Smith -

Send a message to the Head Teacher at Red Oaks - Mrs Emily Maxfield.

It is easy to find Red Oaks Primary as long you don't rely on a SAT NAV, which will direct you to the back of our building into the Brimble Hill entrance.
Red Oaks cannot be accessed this way. The most important road to drive along is Thamesdown Drive. If you take the turning for Redhouse Village and then follow these simple instructions you can't go wrong:
  • Left at the first mini roundabout
  • Right at the second mini roundabout
  • Left at the third mini roundabout
  • Right at the fourth mini roundabout
In other words left, right, left, right; you will find Red Oaks in the right hand corner of the fourth mini roundabout.
Red Oaks Primary School
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We hope you find our site informative and interesting and welcome feedback at any time. If you would like to visit the school please do not hesitate to contact the school office any time. If you require paper copies of any information on our website, please ask at the office.

Red Oaks Primary School, Redhouse Way, North Swindon Learning Campus, Swindon SN25 2AN
Tel: 01793 493920 Email:

Red Oaks is strongly committed to protecting and safeguarding children and expects all staff and volunteers to embrace this commitment.

Find us using the Priory Vale Site Map